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At R1A, we understand the importance of preparation.  As such, we are pleased to offer our Team Training services. With our qualified trainers guiding them, your team can take advantage of our specialized space and equipment to meet their goals in any season, no matter what the weather.

Team Training


Duration: 1 hour                              Tuition = $180/session

Duration: 1.5 hours                       Tuition = $260/session

Duration: 2 hours                              Tuition = $300/session

“We’ve been working with Route 1 Athletics for the past two years and the experience for our kids has been phenomenal.


R1A deserves a lot of the credit for the success that our team has had over the past two years.  To be more specific, when our players were 10 years old we played up to a larger field and played with 11 year olds.  We wouldn’t have be able to transition to a larger diamond without the athletic training that we received at R1A.


Not only have our players developed strength, speed and confidence, they’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the R1A coaching staff.  Chris and his team are professional, flexible and always able to modify their training methods to meet our needs.  The work that Steven Leonard has put in with our catchers has been very important to our defensive success up the middle.  


Route 1 Athletics is unique in that it’s truly a complete performance service that incorporates the athleticism and skills needed to translate into success on the field.”


Jeremy Schwendeman

Head Coach, HCYP 11U Raiders

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