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At R1A we believe that, deep down, we’re ALL athletes.  It’s what we were born to be. And the training needs of professional athletes really aren’t any different than the training needs of everyone else. Because maximizing health,  movement and performance are goals we all have. 


So, why would you train differently than them?


Welcome to R1A’s Adult Athlete program. The training philosophy we apply to prepare elite athletes for game day is the same philosophy we apply to prepare you for a healthy and prosperous life. For us that means living injury and pain free, feeling great and being in excellent shape.     


You’re an athlete.  Time to start training like one.



Class Length: 1 hour

Trainer to Student Ratio: 1:5 


12 Month Membership Options:


3 classes/week            Tuition = $479.99/month


3 Month Membership Options:


3 classes/week             Tuition = $529.99/month

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