R1A was founded on one simple belief: Time is our most valuable resource.  This philosophy infuses every aspect of our business, and we believe that it can change lives.  Our mission is to Train, Instruct, Motivate and Empower the athlete inside all of our students by creating individual, science-based strategies that best utilize their time and help them achieve their goals.  Whether it’s making varsity or getting ready for the NFL combine, we’ll get you to where you want to be. 


Chris Hannigan & the R1A Team



The Athletic Performance program is designed for athletes who are looking to elevate their game and perform their best when it counts.  From Little League to the NCAA, students in this program train in small groups of their peers where they develop and refine their abilities and prepare to compete at the highest level. 



At R1A, we understand the importance of preparation. As such, we are pleased to offer our Team Training services. With our qualified trainers guiding them, your team can take advantage of our specialized space and equipment to meet their goals in any season, no matter what the weather.



R1A Academy is our school for athletes. Through our unique clinics, workshops and camps we strive to provide excellence in sports and fitness education. No matter what kind of athlete you are, R1A Academy has something for you.  



At R1A we believe that, deep down, we’re ALL athletes.  It’s what we were born to be. And the training needs of professional athletes really aren’t any different than the training needs of everyone else. Because maximizing health,  movement and performance are goals we all have. 


So, why would you train differently than them?


Welcome to R1A’s Adult Athlete program. The training philosophy we apply to prepare elite athletes for game day is the same philosophy we apply to prepare you for a healthy and prosperous life. For us that means living injury and pain free, feeling great and being in excellent shape.     


You’re an athlete.  Time to start training like one.